To enter a transaction, simply click on the “Add New” button as a buyer, seller or dual agent and follow these three simple steps.

STEP 1. Input the transaction information (property, important dates, buyer/seller, agents, etc.)

STEP 2. Input how many days before/after the settlement or execution date (or a specific event) each event must occur based on your Agreement and how many days prior to the deadline you would like email reminders sent out. Default events are provided to make this step quick and easy.

STEP 3. Check off who you would like to receive email reminders and click “Complete”

Once all the data is inputted click on “Send AOS Report” and all the parties involved are now working with the same dates so there is absolutely no confusion.

For more detailed instruction, please view this quick tutorial on how to add a transaction to AOSdates™ and create your own templates.

Couple quick tips:

  1. Enter only one email address per contact. If you have additional parties to your transaction, click on “Add Contact Type” and enter the appropriate information. Examples of additional contact types would be additional buyers and sellers, attorney, title company, transaction coordinator, etc.
  2. Events can be added by clicking on “Add Event” and enter the appropriate information. By default, there will be no recipients of the new event’s email reminder. Make sure you check off the appropriate parties to receive the email reminder in Step 3.
  3. Any event can be renamed or deleted. When renaming an existing event, all email recipient “check marks” will be removed. Please confirm the appropriate parties are checked off to receive the email reminder in Step 3.
  4. You can create a default template specific to your state’s Agreement of Sale. Simply click on “Templates” on the menu, click on “Add New Template” and follow the prompts.
  5. When making changes to an existing transaction in Step 2 (adding an event, changing number of dates, etc.), be certain to click “Update Dates” in the lower right hand corner. If this is not done, none of your changes will be saved.

Please contact us with any questions via email at support@AOSdates.com or 855.932.8985